miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

Pixar on From Screen to Theme



Disney World of Color isn’t the only event you will find Pixar characters. As I explained in the post Pixar has a major presence in the Disney theme parks, whether they are attractions or just passing glimpses of the characters. If you want to know where to find all of these Pixar references I can’t recommend Brent Dodge’s book, From Screen to Theme, enough. The ultimate Disney reference book, From Screen to Theme takes a look at all the animated film references found at the Disney World theme park, Pixar films included.

So if you want to know how many Toy Story references there are at Disney World or see if the Incredibles can be found, From Screen to Theme is the book for you!

You can order your own copy here.

And remember… Anything can happen if you let it.



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