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Review #2: Some like it Hot (1959)



Some like it Hot (1959)

Starring: Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon

Directed by: Billy Wilder

Released by: United Artists

Synopsis: Two struggling musicians, Joe and Jerry, (Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon respectively), witness a mob massacre, which puts their lives in danger. In an effort to run away from the pursuing mob they accept jobs at an all girl band, forcing them to dress in drag! In their misadventures they meet Sugar Kane (Marilyn Monroe), a blonde bombshell who wishes to find the right guy with a lot of money. It's a thrilling story of romance, organized crime… and panty hose!

Review: This was the film that sparked my curiosity towards classic comedies and films in general thanks to a recommendation from a dear friend of mine. She was right in that I would enjoy this movie! I love comedies and this is easily one of the finest ever made! All three leads (Tony, Marilyn, and Jack) are fantastic in their comedic roles; especially Tony Curtis who pretty much plays three characters (the musician, the musician in drag and the Cary Grant inspired millionaire). The comedic timing in this film is impeccable thanks to great sight gags as well as delivery of lines. Some like it Hot also features some great musical numbers, all delivered by Marilyn Monroe. The film also amazes in its set design and effective cinematography, giving it a touch of class and elegance despite its ridiculous concept.

The greatest thing about this movie, though, is how it manages to be an over the top comedy without being gross, sexist or even mean spirited, things that most of today's comedies are nowadays. You can see that the cast had a great time making this film, and it's never in any way trying to be anything else. Any hints of sexual comedy are very subtle and at times classy, which is why the movie is so effective. It's no wonder some critics consider it the best comedy of all time! It's silly and irreverent while being very professional about it.

If you love comedies make sure to see this film at least once. You'll be glad you did!

Rating: 5 filmstrips out of 5



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  1. I'm glad I was such an inspiration. I AM known in many circles as a "Classic Films Enabler".

  2. Yeah, if it wasn't for that suggestion I wouldn't be doing this today. Make sure to join the Facebook group when you can! :D