domingo, 4 de abril de 2010

Goal and Mission of Filmstrip Memories

Filmstrip Memories exists for one reason: to pay tribute to some of the greatest films ever made.

For the longest time, I was ignorant as to the existence of these films. One day after I was given a film suggestion by a friend I decided to catch up on the rest of the classic films I have missed.

I then decided to turn this into a personal project where I would watch these films and analyze their stories and their impact on society. Doing this, I hope to grow to become a better writer and gain a much stronger appreciation towards these movies.

In every list the American Film Institute creates they list over a 100 hundred of the best movies (movies, comedies, romances, thrillers etc.). So borrowing from their playbook my goal is to review over a hundred movies before the year ends.

These review will portray my honest but fair opinions on these films and explain their strengths and weaknesses, and if you should watch them. I will not post spoilers so the film experience isn't ruined.

Hope I have your full support and that this classic film blog is of your enjoyment!


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