martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

It's Tangled Month!



OK, OK... I know I didn't a good job with Halloween month... HALLOWEEN IS ABOUT RUNNING AMUCK, NOT STAYING INSIDE WATCHING MOVIES!

...Ahem! Moving on...

This month, Disney's 50th animated movie will be released! The film is "Tangled", the classic story of Rapunzel, the girl with the long, long hair, trapped in the tower by Mother Gothel. This is a movie that has been in development hell for more than ten years, starting as a traditionally animated film, then becoming a Shrek-like parody movie and finally, going back to the traditional Disney style, losing its director and receiving a new title.

I can't wait to see this movie. While originally I was put off by it, the early reviews indicate that this is going to be a special film, and regardless the medium and the issues it faced I don't care as long as everything has been worth it.

So I will try (see, honesty!) to post classic Disney film reviews, even more Disney related "Friend Highlight" and some Disney videos for everyone to enjoy.

Here's the Tangled trailer:

And remember, this ain't no princess movie ;)


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