martes, 17 de agosto de 2010

My Rating System


Hello everybody! I decided to slightly tweak my Filmstrip Memories rating system as well as explain them so everyone can get a better idea of how they work.

Let's begin now, shall we?

1 filmstrip out of 5: A rating given to the worst movies ever made. There's nothing of worth in this film and should be avoided at all costs.

2 filmstrips out of 5:: The film has enough redeeming qualities that may make it a favorite among some fans, but the overall product is disappointing.

3 filmstrips out of 5: You may love or hate this movie. It is very well made but has some very noticeable flaws that lower its value down. Still it is worth seeing, though a rental is recommended.

4 filmstrips out of 5: The film is great. Despite a few obvious flaws the overall film is very well made and worth your time.

5 filmstrips out of 5: Nearly perfect in every way and more than deserving of the title "the best ever made", this means that the film MUST be watched if you are a movie fan. It may have some small flaws but its accomplishments far out-weight the bad. Must not be missed!

Hope this explains everything! Until then, see you at the movies!


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